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We do our job so you can do yours

Facilities management is one of those unseen industries that operate in the background, making sure your building and core services operate safely and efficiently.

When done properly, it means your staff can be more productive as they don’t have to worry about the day-to-day functioning of the building in which they work. In fact, it is very likely they won’t even notice that facilities management services are happening – but they would definitely notice if they weren’t!

What exactly is facilities management?

Facilities management encompasses a wide range of services and disciplines with one central purpose: to provide essential support to the core operations of your business. It’s making sure the lights and air-conditioning work, your workspaces are clean and the plumbing is working as it should. It also includes security, catering, grounds care, building and elevator maintenance as well as vending services.

Essentially, it encompasses everything necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of your employees, and the functionality and efficiency of your built environment.

Facilities Management | Empact Group

The benefits of one-shop outsourcing

Every organisation relies on facilities management to provide all those essential support services that no one even notices until something goes wrong. Given the vast number of services that fall under this umbrella, it becomes an administrative nightmare when each one is contracted out to an individual contractor.
Outsourcing your facilities management to one reputable service provider relieves you of all the challenges inherent with maintaining a building in one easy step.

Why us?

At Empact, our facilities management teams have extensive experience in a wide range of diverse industries, from large industrial power plants to university campuses, as well as in the retail, mining, construction and agricultural sectors.

Our proven management model offers holistic facilities management services carried out wherever possible by our own staff, instead of being sub-contracted to third parties. This is not only beneficial for our staff in terms of developing their skills flexibility and extending their career paths, it is also hugely beneficial to you as it translates into significant cost savings. Because, believe or not, maintenance and operations can account for up to 70% of the total cost of ownership for a facility.

By using Empact for all your facilities management needs, you will:

  • Improve your operational availability, flexibility and overall utilisation;
  • Reduce costs and optimise investments;
  • Reduce risk and improve safety;
  • Maintain regulatory compliance;
  • Address any environmental concerns; and
  • Provide environments that encourage engagement and productivity.

We specialise in designing and implementing innovative solutions that free you up to concentrate on your core business. We ensure best practices are always followed, giving you the peace of mind of knowing all other activities are being managed in the safest and most cost-efficient manner. Ultimately, this creates a work environment that’s comfortable, safe and suitable for all your employees.


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