The Empact Group Transformation Pledge is a strategic business guideline which aims to support the advancement of economic transformation in South Africa.

It provides us with a clear understanding of our commitment towards Transformation.

Our strategy comprises of key focus areas, including Preferential Procurement, Supplier and Enterprise Development programmes, as well as Community Upliftment programmes.  As we believe in Holistic and Sustainable Transformation, we enfold QUALITY OF LIFE as the socio economic development pivot in all our projects. The following Socio-Economic Development “Touch Points” provide structure to our QUALITY OF LIFE programmes:

Clean Environment: To live in an environment which is conducive to personal growth and achievement of potential

Healthy and Ethical Living: To have a healthy body and a healthy soul

Skills and Ability: Opportunity and access to personal improvement through learning

Earning potential: Access to income generating opportunities – as employee or as entrepreneur

Wealth and Financial Wellbeing: The goal is for every person to have wealth and financial wellbeing which supports living with dignity.