Slide ACFB is a collective of great minds, with unrivalled experience and expertise in both the investment banking, and food and beverage industries; on a Pan-African and International scale.

About Us

We are an investment holding company focused on consolidating competitively-advantaged food and beverage assets in Africa, and raising them to world-class standards in: operations, brand, quality and governance.

We invest our time, energy and resources in consumer food and beverage businesses, that have the potential to compete effectively on a global stage.

We aggregate and incubate market-leading African businesses, in the food & beverage industry through advantaged capital, best practice, focus on long-term growth and operational involvement.

Our Team


We are a cohesive team of experienced executives with complementary expertise, resources and networks to drive sustainable growth in high-risk markets. Our team has

  • Global expertise in fast-moving consumer goods, investment banking, advisory services and consulting
  • Extensive Africa operating expertise and networks, as well as significant Pan-African investment experience
  • More than 2 decades of working together

This is further bolstered by our deep experience in successfully developing and leading Pan-African food and beverage businesses, to the highest standards of operating effectiveness, governance and financial results. We have a proven track record in building local talent and transferring expertise, to deliver growth and strong results. We’ve successfully executed both on a strategic and operational level, while remaining focused on the long-term and enduring value creation.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy | ACFB

We identify and invest in target businesses, through a diligent process of exploring and evaluating opportunities, that are:

In the Food and Beverage sector in Africa;
Underperforming and undervalued assets, with potential for high growth and resilience to economic cycles;
With a tangible, sustainable path for long-term growth and value creation;
Able to achieve financial targets
We actively lead and drive value creation through:

Active operational control


Enhanced governance


Leverage of global best practices


Optimized corporate strategy development


Disciplined operational and financial management


Optimized deal structuring

Portfolio of investments and Brand Experience

Our portfolio of investments and boards served include, but are not limited to:

Moringa Connect

Incubev Africa

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